From Design to Production

The right cad software tool for any type of design.

CuteCAD is an innovative CAD software, designed to speed up the prototyping process and shorten the time-to-market of your products. It's the ideal solution to create and manage 2D drawings of any kind, parametric gaskets for flanges or heat exchangers, parametric boxes or lampshades, true shapes for leathergoods, furniture and car seats.

Why you should be using CuteCAD

Complete 2D functions

CuteCad provides a complete set of geometric primitives and functions. Lines, arcs, ellipses, splines, and other 2D objects can be moved, rotated, scaled, duplicated, extended, trimmed, and more.

Parametric design

With a few parameters, CuteCad helps you generate a wide range of shapes like: circular, oval, obround, rectangular flanges, heat exchangers, cone or pyramid lampshades, FEFCO/ESBO boxes, and more.

Fast prototyping

With CuteCad there is no need to re-draw your shapes! Take a picture of the shape with a scanner or a digital camera, and our PatternVectoriser will get all the geometry in a flash.

Native DXF readers

Needless to say, CuteCad can load any DXF file to guarantee the best compatibility with all the CAD programs on the market. CuteCad also features readers for special DXF-based formats, like AAMA.

Cutting optimisation and Cost Estimation

With CuteNest, the nesting plug-in of CuteCad, you may evaluate the costs of your orders and calculate the best placements on rolls or sheets.


By means of customisable plug-ins, CuteCad can be easily extended to fulfill your requirements and add to your CAD program the power you need to fasten the design and increase the quality of your products.

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