Why CuteCad is the right 2D Cad Software for you

CuteCad provides flexible, powerful, and efficient drafting – the absolute best value in 2D CAD software with more automatic functions than most high-priced 2D CAD software systems.

CuteCad is a simple 2D CAD software for everyone. You don't need any CAD experience to get started. CuteCAD was designed with modularity, extensibility and portability in mind, to speed up your prototyping process and to shorten the time to market of your products. But what users notice most often about CuteCad is its simple and intuitive interface.

In addition to the usual tools for 2D drafting, this CAD software provides many useful features that help you design in an easier and faster way. Find below the ones that best suit your needs or contact us and let us know which you would like to see implemented.

CuteCad has a continuously growing set of plug-ins that can help you make your daily job easier: Sofa Designer, Lampshade Creator, Canopy Helper, Automatic Nesting & Cost Estimate, Grading Builder.

Your plug-in is not in the list? Ask us a new one, based on your requirements.

You can buy a license of CuteCad at a very affordable price. Verify yourself CuteCad's price/performance ratio: contact us today to get an evaluation license for 10 days!