Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to the most commonly asked questions about CuteCad.

What limitations does the software demo have?

You can download CuteCAD for free. The demo version lasts 10 days and allows you to test all the functions, except saving and printing.

Drawings created with the demo version cannot be saved or printed. If you need more time to evaluate CuteCad, please contact us.

My CuteCAD license expired. How can I renew it?

Legally purchased licenses have unlimited duration, but the certificates expire and must be renewed. The renewal is totally free.

The renewal is totally free. CuteCad will take care of doing it automatically. If, for any reason, this procedure fails, you can renew your certificate with the Activation Wizard (Start/String CuteCad/Activation).

What types of CAD files can CuteCAD open?

  • .CCF (CuteCAD file owner)
  • .DXF
  • .DIE (ATOM)

On how many computers can I install a license of CuteCAD?

CuteCAD licenses are bound to a single workstation, i.e. a single license can be activated on one computer at a time.

If you want to transfer your license from one computer to another, or you need an additional license, please contact us.

Does CuteCAD support Windows 8?

Yes, CuteCAD supports Windows 8 and the following updates. Please see the Systems Requirement to check your hardware configuration.