CuteCad: the ideal solution for 2D drawings.

What is CuteCad? A very common CAD program with... some special spice.

Our CAD features all the typical objects of a 2D CAD product like: points, lines, arcs, circles, ellipses and splines. But we added special functions to draw rectangles and triangles. If you need to replicate an object you manually measured (for example, a tarpaulin or a tent) this can be a very useful tool.

CuteCad also features all the typical functions to modify the geometry like: move, rotate, scale, mirror, duplicate (single or by row or by matrix), offset, extend, trim and break. Also fillets and chamfers are available. But if you need to smooth a contour, to increase the cutting speed rate, we have a special tool that helps you apply the smoothing to all the corners (optionally preserving the starting point).

And more spice comes from all the functions that we have developed to make your job faster and easier. Keep reading..

More spice...

  • Native DXF Input. Drawings in DXF format are easily read and imported. Specific plug-ins can automatically parse special formats, like AAMA/DXF and others, and extract all the information contained there about articles, materials, etc..
  • Export to DXF, HPGL or ATOM formats. CuteCad can export the shapes to be cut in many formats and allows you to go straight to production on the most common cutting machines.
  • Fast prototyping. Digitize cardboard patterns or real pieces by using a camera or a scanner. Pattern Vectoriser will extract all the contours and holes in a flash.
  • Cutting optimisation and Cost Estimation. Available report to evaluate the costs of your orders and calculate the best placements on rolls or sheets.
  • What You See Is What You Cut . With CuteCad all the geometric elements of your drawings have a role and the program checks if it's consistent with the others. You don’t need to bother any more with colour or layer conventions to define what a line of your drawing represents: an external contour, a hole, an inner cut, a mark, a crease, a kiss-cut, or other. Save your design time and create perfect ready-to-cut shapes..
  • Additional plug-ins to increase quality and productivity. By means of customisable plug-ins CuteCad can be easily extended to fulfill your requirements and add to your CAD program the power you need to fasten the design and increase the quality of your products. If yours is not in the list, contact us and let us know which you would like to see implemented.

...and even more spice...