Canopy Helper

The Canopy Helper plug-in help the operator divide a tarpaulin or a tent into smaller sections, or slices, to be cut on a roll of a height smaller than the total height of the canopy.

In the example a rectangular tarpaulin 5 mt high and 10 mt wide is prepared to be cut on a roll 2 mt high.

How to work

The internal lines and curves are there just to show how the tarpaulin will be reassembled correctly.

The operator can specify the height of the material and the overlapping area between parts to be welded. Canopy Helper slices the complete shape into horizontal sections and places them along the X-axis, ready for cutting. An optional space is left between sections and the reference markings are placed on the corner to help the assembly of the final shape.

This is the final result. The third section 1060mm high, since an overlap of 20 mm was required.

In detail, the reference markings and the assembly sequence.

Canopy Helper also contains a function to apply valances of various shapes and sizes to the edges of tents.

Here you can see an example of a rectangular tent to which a different valances of each available type has been applied.

The resulting shape is ready for cutting. If needed, it can be sliced into smaller sections to be cut on a shorter roll and welded afterwards.

The same tent divided into 1600mm-high sections.