Sofa Design

Simplify the management of your furniture or car-seat parts in leather or fabric, by creating a complete model and all its variants in a single CuteCad file.

The Sofa plugin provides a complete toolset to scale, extend, shrink, offset, break or merge the shapes of your model and a special tool to group them into all the subsets you need, creating variants according to sizes or seats and material combinations.

In order to have ready-to-cut shapes, CuteCad Sofa lets you add quality areas to your parts in leather and assign grainlines to the parts in fabric.

Parametric notches can also be applied to shapes at any time with 4 different patterns: U, V, C and I.

Managing Articles or Variants

You can create articles (or variants) by selecting the shapes drawn in the CuteCad document, setting their quantity (normal and mirrored) and choosing their material code.

All the information about areas and cutting perimeters is immediately available. See below:


Two special reporting functions are available.

The first one creates a .CSV file (suitable for import into Microsoft Excel) with all the data of all the articles/variants in the model.

The second one prints all the shapes with all the most relevant data. See below: